At Saddles India, we believe that quality is the most important facet of all our products and is ingrained in the ethos of our brand. The grade and grain of leather we use directly impacts the finish, sheen and durability of all our leather seat upholstery designs. It is for this exact reason that we rely on premium hand-crafted Italian leather that boasts of unmatched texture, resilience and feel that will completely change the interior aesthetics of your automobile.

What is it that makes genuine Italian leather stand out from the rest?

The ancient art of manufacturing Italian leather is a technique that has remained untouched and unaltered for centuries. The technique uses natural tanning processes that are more than 1000 years old and invented in the Tuscan tanneries of old.

Hand-picked animal hides are acquired at specific time intervals from animals and are subjected to a time-consuming natural tanning process using only vegetable dyes and tree bark. Regular leather products use man-made processes such as chrome tanning that take away from the character of the finished fabric. Also, Vegetable dyes impart elasticity, strength, unique cosmetic details and smoothness to the leather. The natural processes also impart a unique, pleasant odour to the leather that makes them easily distinguishable from the other types.

Italian leather is completely hand-made and the level of skill and craftsmanship employed is unmatched the world over. As a result, the skins have been linked to luxurious fashion, bespoke accessories and high-end interiors in cars for decades together. This variety is also easy to maintain and does not get spoilt easily. Cleaning processes usually involve only a damp cloth and can be done from time to time is usually required.

So if you like what you read and if you want to experience the world’s finest leather, then look no further than Saddles India for all our luxurious upholstery needs.